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Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

We pride ourselves on quality. And all of our work is satisfaction guaranteed. Any streaks, smears, smudges, or finger pointers will be dealt with immediately and with vigor. We are also fully insured for your total peace of mind.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Service

Serving the greater Lakeland, Florida area

Ceiling fans are a wonderful addition to any room,  offering a cool breeze and providing a pleasant decorative accent. However, like any appliance, ceiling fans collect dust and grime that can lead to noisy operation and, eventually, motor damage. A proactive approach to cleaning can help you keep your ceiling fan running quietly and smoothly.

20/20 Window Cleaning can take care of this task for you and here’s how we do it:

  • The first step is to turn off the fan, making sure the blades have come to a complete stop. If the blades are still moving when you begin, even a soft duster can do damage.
  • Fan blades should be dusted weekly. You can purchase a specialized pole duster that slides over fan blades, simultaneously cleaning both the top and bottom. This is something you can take care of in between our visits.
  • For deeper cleaning, we position a step ladder beneath the fan and carefully go over the blades with a water-moistened microfiber cloth or terry towel. Then we repeat with a dry cloth.
  • We then use a clean, dry cloth to go over the motor housing and wipe down any pull-chains.
  • We never use abrasive cleaners or toxic chemicals, as these products can scratch or discolor the fan blades and motor housing.
  • Once the blades are clean, we use a commercial anti-static, dust-repelling spray to help them stay that way.

Finally, if your fans have a light kit on them, we will carefully disassemble (as necessary) the fixtures and clean with a mild solution.  If you would like us to change out your bulbs while there, we will be happy to do that for you as well.


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